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Margus Hernits - The most successful figure skater in Estonia

First photo copyrighted - J. Barry Mittan.
Second photo copyrighted - Marjaana Jylhä

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BIRTHDATE: 2nd October 1976
COACH: Margus is sometimes supervised by his father. Also Annick Gailhaguet (sorry my spelling) coached him summer 1999.
CHOREOGRAPHER: Sandra Schär, Switzerland (1997 until now)
CLUB/RINK: Tallinna Iluuisutamise Klubi

Margus' programs:

Season Short program Long program
1999/2000 techno music or something like that (Doctor Alban??) "The Time of the Gypsies" and "Arizona Dream" by Bregovic
1998/1999 Riverdance

Margus Hernits has won the Estonian National Championships in Figure Skating for many years now. On Estonian competitions there is no one to beat him and judging from the junior and even novice ranks probably won't be in a couple of years. If he will only want to continue skating for the next 7-10 years.

Margus Hernits has taken part and placed the following in these international competitions:

Who is Margus Hernits? If you have never heard the name before then maybe you remember that back in 1994 there was this guy at Worlds (Olympics?) whose screws got loose in the middle of his program. Screws that hold the blade attached to the boot, of course, or what were you thinking??? Anyways, that guy was Margus and he had tough time getting rid of that loose-screws image. I am not helping him with that, am I? :)

At present Margus is a senior at the Concordia International University in Tallinn, Estonia. He is studying Business and takes a smaller amount of classes, so he could keep up with his skating. In the future he does not want to become a coach but rather go into the business world as he said in one of his interviews.

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