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Alexei Kozlov - the new Estonian champion

Photo copyrighted - J. Barry Mittan.


BIRTHDATE: 8th June 1979
COACH: Marina Daub, gets also some help from Viktor Kudriavtsev
CHOREOGRAPHER: often himself
CLUB/RINK: Rataskaar, although some pages say it's Jäätäht?

Alexei's programs:

Season Short program Long program
2000/2001 Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach, performed by Vanessa Mae Polovtsian Dances including a popular piece from Prince Igor by Borodin
1999/2000 Romeo and Juliet
1998/1999 Romeo and Juliet

Alexei Kozlov has all the physical pre-requisites to make it all the way to the top: tall, slim, and what is not less important - shows hope of becoming a real heartthrob in the nearest future. If not under pressure he does triples like no one else and should be able to do the quads, as I was told by a coach. At a showpractice he just started doing triple loops for fun. And all of them were perfect! He has a good and effortless 3 Axel too. He just needs to get more consistent.
Alexei is studying at a Moscow University and practices often there with coach Viktor Kudriavtsev.

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