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Liina-Grete Lilender

All Photos Copyrighted - J. Barry Mittan


BIRTHDATE: 14 October 1979
COACH: Irina Kononova
CLUB/RINK: Tallinna iluuisutamine klubi

Liina-Grete (she calls herself just Grete) is also working as an assistant coach in Anna Levandi's figure skating club for the youngest skaters. She has cut her hair and looks really nice.
She is studying violin in a music school and will graduate with a diploma which will allow her to be a music teacher. As she said herself - then I can be either a coach or a teacher.
Grete is practicing the 3 Lutz a lot and hopes to put this jump into her program by the end of this season. Her programs this season have been coreographed by Anna Levandi. Her costumes are sewn in Finland. For the sort program she has a lovely black and yellow sleek dress and for the long she had black glittery with golden part in the middle dress.

Liina-Grete Lilender has taken part and placed the following in these international competitions:

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